Doctor Is Calling provides Affordable Healthcare Consultations to USA Residents for Less Than $20 Per Month

Doctor is offers U.S. Board-Certified doctors, life consultants, legal and financial services and a medical bill saver in a unique program. The website also provides savings on everyday health care goods and services such as vision, dental lab work and more.

The unique healthcare service Doctor is Calling, is available 24 hours each day and seven days a week. Patients do not have to go to an emergency room and wait for hours to see a doctor. Although it is not for emergencies such as heavy bleeding or other serious health issues, the doctor will be just a few clicks away by telephone, laptop, mobile app or video app within a few minutes.

The recent Measles scare in the United States is a good example of how Doctor is Calling can help. There were thousands of false alarms reported by health care providers, even in areas where the disease was not present. Emergency rooms were overwhelmed by the number of people whose fears could have been relieved by the Doctor is Calling service.

For those members who participate in Doctor is Calling at a low $19.95 monthly fee, 90 percent resolved their medical issue via a doctor contact, without the need for a visit to an emergency room or doctor’s office. Doctors diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication if needed, unlike nurse-run call centers.

On average, a U.S. family spends around $1,500 annually in office visits. An average waiting room time is 23 minutes. Doctor’s offices have limited availability less than 25 percent of the hours weekly. Estimates for additional patients in the health care system due to the Affordable Care Act are forty million people, further straining the system.

Learn more about the benefits of quality health care available around the clock by visiting the web pages at now.

About Doctor Is Calling
Doctor Is Calling is available 24 hours a day and is available seven days a week through its relationships with CADRplus and Teladoc. Founded in 2002, Teladoc is the nation’s leading telehealth provider with 8 million members and more than 250,000 consults annually. Teladoc provides 24/7 access to affordable, high-quality medical care for adults and children experiencing non-emergency medical issues via phone, secure online video, mobile app.

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